SciSports Football Analytics | Ultra high Bandwidth

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A lot of clubs see the potential of data in football, but don’t know how to use it because there is just too much data. Football clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City can build an entire data department, but this is a utopia for most clubs. SciSports can bring you data intelligence as a service, so you can solve your questions without setting up an entire data team.

At SciSports, we are aware of the fact that data is just one way of gaining an advantage. We help you to let the data work for you, so you can get rid of your frustrations and do better work. In the past few years, we have done a lot of research on data intelligence and have developed reports that were useful for a lot of clubs around Europe.


De wedstrijd wordt gefilmd met 14 ultra HD camera’s. Deze data moet realtime verwerkt worden zodat binnen 10 seconden de resultaten gepresenteerd worden.

Deze enorme hoeveelheid data wordt via de SD-WAN oplossing van SDN.Studio verstuurd naar een data centrum en daar verwerkt. De resultaten worden binnen 10 seconden teruggestuurd.
SDN.Studio bundelde meerdere verbindingen tot één verbinding zodat snelheden tot 850Mbps mogelijk zijn.