Secure Mobility Case – SMC

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What if a business location is mobile and a fixed connection is not possible? Or if it is a temporary location?

Think of construction sites, pop-up stores or a trade delegation en route. How can you ensure that employees, systems and IoT always and securely have access to company systems?


SDNstudio has considered this question. The result is “SMC”. It is a fully autonomous Secure SD-WAN arrangement the size of an ruggedized case. It gives all persons and systems safe access to the company network within a radius of 20 meters.
SMC creates a “secure sphere” in which the users are safe, with the certainty of a stable connection. All users can use can work with their own devices. Just plug in the power cord and the sphere is active.


SMC bundles the bandwidth of several 4G connections into a stable broadband connection. SMC provides an encrypted and secure connection. The closed loop firewall ensures that SMC is always equipped with the most current security settings. SMC is managed remotely, so users do not need any technical knowledge.

Secure Sphere

In the secure sphere of SMC, users can work with their own systems. Regardless of whether it is a telephone or laptop. Ideally suited for environments where secure access to business systems is essential. SMC offers autonomy, safety, security and anonymity. Within the secure sphere, every user can work as if they are located at the head office, anywhere in the world.